Prices for printing

The common lab for additive manufacturing at the Ångström laboratory has a number of 3D-printers, and is able to take on small and large projects with internal (UU) or external academic or non-academic partners. For larger projects the partners personel can be trained on our equipment. For smaller projects, the practical work can be performed by our research engineer whose time will be charged. The following costs apply:

Metal 3D-printing

  • EOS 1M00 LPBF system - internal (UU) projects 350 kr/h, external projects 700 kr/h
  • Aconoty Midi LPBF system - internal (UU) projects 500 kr/h, external projects 1 000 kr/h
  • ExOne Lab X1 binder jet system - currently not available for projects

Research engineer

  • Internal (UU) projects 500 kr/h, external projects 1300 kr/h


  • Full (self) cost of powder used for project

External projects are accepted based on availability of resources. All prices are exluding VAT.


  • Contact our research engineer to discuss Vitalii Shtender the possibility and pricing for your project.
Last modified: 2022-10-27