AM arena to hold AM online conference January 2021


The Swedish arena for AM of metals will hold an online in January 2021. Save the date: 11-12/1-2021!

Within the The Swedish arena for AM of metals, of which UU is a member, a working group has been formed with the main purpose to strengthen the Swedish academic  network in metal AM, and promote contacts between PhD students in the field.

Originally it was planned to have a lunch-afternoon mini conference in January 2021. However, during the present circumstances this seems unrealistic, and the plan has be altered. To keep activities going, and start work builiding network and awareness of activities on metal AM in Sweden, an academic online conference is now planned January 11-12th 2021.

This will be followed up by a physical meeting when the situation allows, perhaps winter 2022.

The working group is Lars-Erik Rännar (Mid Sweden Univ.), Eduard Hryha (Chalmers), Erik Lewin and Cecilia Persson (Uppsala univ.).

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Last modified: 2021-09-29