Instructions for Authors


  1. The content of the online poster presentation is one-slide A4 format page with comprehensive presentation of your recent research results or a summary of the cutting-edge research in AM field.
  2. Poster presentation is expected to be performed by consequtive appearance of the information on the only one slide and take maximum 3 minutes in total.
  3. No copyright issues with any elements in the poster.
  4. Posters should be send as a one slide PowerPoint Presentation format (landscape orientation) and no larger than 10 MB.
  5. Poster presentation should be submitted to no later than 4th of Janurary 2021.
  6. Applicants should be PhD students or researchers with a PhD degree from Swedish universities in AM for Metals related field.
  7. Poster presentation should be submitted and presented in English.

Requirements for participants to contribute with the Oral Poster Presentation 

  1. Registration to the online conference.
  2. An abstract submitted no later than 8th of December
  3. Confirmation of the admission
  4. Poster presentation a single page slide in PowerPoint format submitted no later than 4th of January 2021.

General Content for the Poster Presentation

  • Author/Title/Team
  • Motivation/Problem/Objective
  • Solution/Results
  • Advantages/Conclusions/Future perspectives
  • References/Acknowledgements 

Posters will be availale online from 7th of January to 8th of February 2021.