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Since 2018 we are financed by the Faculty of Science and Technology. Our mission is to coordinate and strengthen our position within Additive Manufacturing both in research and education. We are doing it by building a platform for AM infrastructure, where the core will be a laboratory with first class equipment. And together with networking and external representation with external parties we will create a wide network with the regional industry as well as the international academia.


Additive Manufacturing (AM) is an applied manufacturing method in an expansive stage and requires extensive research to reach its full potential, and education of future experts in the field. The AM methodology is rapidly developing into an established technology in industry and the demand for courses and training in the area is steadily increasing.

Materials is an area of ​​strength within the Faculty of Science and Technology, and there is ongoing AM-related research at a number of different research groups at the Departments of Physics and Astronomy, Chemistry - Ångström, and Materials Science and Engineering. These activities range from fundamental issues to applied research, work with metallic, polymeric and ceramic materials, and include synthesis, material analysis and property characterization. The research often takes place in collaboration with industry or other partners such as researchers at the pharmaceutical and medical faculties, including the Uppsala University Hospital.

Furthermore, a new international master's program in additive manufacturing has recently been established, which received its first students in the autumn semester 2020, and AM is also being gradually integrated into the faculty's existing educational programmes such as civil engineering programmes in Engineering Science with materials science and chemical engineering's materials orientation.


There is great potential to create a nationally leading research and education environment within AM at the Faculty of Science and Technology. To take advantage of these opportunities, a multi-year project is being established here (Initiative for additive manufacturing at the Ångström laboratory – AM@Å).

Our mission is to unite and strengthen the research and education within additive manufacturing (AM) at the Faculty of Science and Technology.


We aim to be a nationally leading hub for research and development of new AM-materials with designed characteristics and produce results on an international top level.

The core of the business will consist of a new infrastructure platform for AM, consisting partly of our own equipment and partly by access to equipment through partners at other universities, institutes and companies. This together with research at an international top level, the Ångström Laboratory should be a natural choice of partner when it comes to collaborations within AM, particularly from a material and equipment prespective.

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