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Education in AM at Ångström

An international Master's Programme in Additive Manufacturing was started autumn 2020, and is annually accepting new students. Application deadline is january 15th, each year. More information on the central university web (link below).

Additive manufacturing is also being integrated into courses at other undergraduate study programmes, particularly our Swedish programmes in materials science ("Q") and materials chemistry ("K-material").

There are regularly bachelor and master thesis by students at Uppsala university, following different study programmes, that involve different aspects of additive manufacturing. Finished and published theses are found through the university's publication database, using the keyword "additive manufacturing".

Bachelor and Master thesis connected to AM by students at Uppsala university

During autumn 2019 a graduate course for PhD students was also given in "3D printing for biomedical materials". This course will be given in the future as well, contact Wei Xia for more information on this course.